Data Integration & Translation

My services encompass data integration and translation, involving API development and ETL development to streamline data workflows and translation. I specialize in crafting efficient database designs while also ensuring data integrity, offering a comprehensive solution for clients’ data management needs.

Reporting Design & Deployment

I excel in data design & data visualization deployment, leveraging my expertise in various database systems, including MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle DB, and MS SQL Server, among others. My proficiency extends to data visualization, where I employ powerful tools like Tableau and Power BI to create insightful and visually compelling reports that empower informed decision-making for your business.

LAMP Deployment & Development

I specialize in LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) Deployment & Development, offering a comprehensive suite of services. This includes expert Web Application Development, Linux Instance Setup & Configuration, seamless Apache2 Implementation & Configuration, proficient PHP Development, and the creation of MySQL-driven PHP Applications. Additionally, I excel in WordPress Configuration & Development, ensuring your web projects are seamlessly executed within the LAMP stack.