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Back in the ’90s, a computer science professor dropped a truth bomb on us in the lecture hall: blink, and your skills might become stale. We were learning Pascal at the time which, while still valuable, is not exactly bleeding-edge tech in today’s market. The professor’s point stuck with me though; always be adaptable and committed to learning, or this tech isn’t for you. As tech keeps growing and evolving, lifelong learning remains the name of the game. And for tech nerds like us – whether it’s our job or just a passion – learning new stuff is a blast.

I’ve spent the last few years at home with my little ones. Being out of the workforce could’ve caused my skills to go into hibernation, but I’ve been doing my best to keep up. One of my go-to tools is Codecademy, which makes learning a hands-on adventure. You get to code right away with engaging projects in their sandbox environments. It’s not your typical learning experience because they’ve gamified the whole thing. Points, badges, achievements – it’s like leveling up in your favorite video game.

The Codecademy community makes the entire experience that much more enjoyable. Connecting with folks from all corners of the world, chatting about challenges, and teaming up on projects gets you engaged in learning. Their contributions have helped me get un-stuck when I’ve hit roadblocks in my learning.

For me, I’ve been diving back into the world of R, the statistical computing language. Codecademy’s practical exercises, quirky humor, and solid support make it an awesome learning partner. In this fast-moving tech world, keeping your skills fresh is all about embracing the joy of constant learning and Codecademy makes learning and refreshing your experience with tech fun.

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