Be Liberated Today

I have good news for all of you: you are going to die, likely sooner than you expect. Yes, this may not be the news you want to hear but it is a reality. I have been involved in counseling some terminally ill folks in the past and each and every time they accept that death is on the horizon, they let go of inhibition and finally live life as they always wish they had. They are suddenly liberated.

Often times, those folks only had weeks or months left and even though they made the best of what time they had, it was not much. So, take from my statement what you will but I hope that you can be liberated today. Don’t wait until the last possible moment. Toss the fears aside and really live your life.

If, after your life is over, you have the opportunity to look back on it, would you want to have truly lived for a few weeks or for a few decades? Make the most of every moment. Love freely, forgive easily, be fearless. I love you all.

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